Brookdale Farm Supplies – A Tour with Trevor Hardy: EP5

This episode comes to you from Hollis New Hampshire, where we visit with Trevor Hardy of Brookdale Fruit Farm and get a tour of his farm supplies business. This conversation takes you on a walking tour with Andy Chamberlin, Chris Callahan and Hans Estrin as we visit with Trevor and see what equipment he’s got in his buildings and what new technology he’s bringing into the states.

This episode was recorded in April of 2022 so pricing and availability is likely different from what you’re hearing from today but it will give you a rough idea and what to expect out of this side of the industry. 

We start off the episode next to their apple packing line, and controlled atmosphere rooms, and pretty quickly walk into the newly built warehouse addition and hear about all the different ways you can spend all your hard earned cash to improve or switch up your farming systems.

Visit Brookdale Fruit Farm

41 Broad St, Hollis, NH 03049
(603) 465-2240

Warehouse Photos

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Forigo Equipment

Pequea Planter

These Pequea planters are built off of used John Deere frames, but most of the function parts are replaced with new providing a cheaper, refurbished planter. These are available with sprayer attachments, or plastic mulch laying attachments for crops like early sweet corn.

Monosem Planter No-Till Upgrades

Several upgrades have been made to Trevor’s planter to work for no-till applications. An added toolbar to increase weight, added down-pressure springs, imported combination closing wheels with adjustable angling.

Kifco Water-Reel

This traveling water-reel can be fed with a standard garden hose and retracts itself over time powered by solar power.

Toro Tempus

Trevor was excited to show us the new equipment from Toro in farm farm automation. He demo’s how he can monitor and control his irrigation all over his farm with these wifi & Bluetooth sensors powered by a 9v battery.


There are 11 videos in this playlist sharing excerpts from the episode and overviews of some of the equipment.

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