A behind the scenes podcast where we visit with farmers and learn what it takes to be a sustainable produce grower across people, profits and our planet.

The Ag Engineering Podcast (2019-2022) shared the tools, tips and techniques that improve you, your farm, and our world.

The Farmer’s Share includes the farmer’s story in how they got growing and how they’re running the business for success and sustainability.

Latest Episodes

Becca Burke – The Meadow Farmstead: EP14

Today’s episode comes to you from Au Sable Forks New York where we visit with Becca Burke of The Meadow Farmstead. She’s managed a diversified vegetable farm and CSA for the last few years on the Vermont side of lake Champlain, but finally landed some growing space of her own over in New York. She…

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The Naked HomeFront – Ryan & Genica: EP13

Today’s episode comes to you from Hyde Park Vermont where we meet with Ryan Demerast and Genica Breitenbeck. They run two businesses off of their farm of less than 3 acres. Ryan runs Naked Acre Farm, and Genica runs a gardening service business called Home Front Gardens.  Together we sat down as they shared their winding paths…

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Paul Chamberlin – Chamberlin’s Garden & Farm Market: EP12

This episode comes to you from Underhill Vermont where I interview Paul Chamberlin of Chamberlin’s Garden & Farm Market. This episode hits close to home, because it is home. This summer I took a rainy Saturday morning and sat down to interview my grandpa and capture a few of his favorite farm stories and some…

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Love is Love Cooperative Farm: EP11

This episode takes us all the way down to Mansfield Georgia where we visit with Monica and Russell of Love is Love Cooperative Farm. Myself and a few other colleges visited in October 2022 as part of a farm tour focused on wash/pack design and produce safety. This project is titled SCRUB, Sanitizing and Cleaning…

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The beginnings of this show started with…

The Ag Engineering Podcast

Where we talk tools, tips and techniques to improve the sustainability of your Farm

A topic centered podcast that rolls right into the details on tools, tips and techniques that improve you, your farm, and our world.


This podcast is supported by the University of Vermont Extension and the Vermont Vegetable & Berry Grower’s Association.


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