A behind the scenes podcast where we visit with farmers and learn what it takes to be a sustainable produce grower across people, profits and our planet.

The Ag Engineering Podcast (2019-2022) shared the tools, tips and techniques that improve you, your farm, and our world.

The Farmer’s Share includes the farmer’s story in how they got growing and how they’re running the business for success and sustainability.

Latest Episodes

Brookdale Farm Supplies – A Tour with Trevor Hardy: EP5

This episode comes to you from Hollis New Hampshire, where we visit with Trevor Hardy of Brookdale Fruit Farm and get a tour of his farm supplies business. This conversation takes you on a walking tour with Andy Chamberlin, Chris Callahan and Hans Estrin as we visit with Trevor and see what equipment he’s got…

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Justin Rich – Burnt Rock Farm: EP2

In this episode we’re visiting with Justin Rich of Burnt Rock Farm where they grow 30 acres of vegetables in Huntington Vermont.  This farm visit starts off quickly – literally. Since most of the fields at the home farm are in cover crop this season we jumped on the side by side for a stretched…

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The beginnings of this show started with…

The Ag Engineering Podcast

Where we talk tools, tips and techniques to improve the sustainability of your Farm

A topic centered podcast that rolls right into the details on tools, tips and techniques that improve you, your farm, and our world.


This podcast is supported by the University of Vermont Extension and the Vermont Vegetable & Berry Grower’s Association.


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