The Ag Engineering Podcast

Sharing Lessons Learned in Sustainable Agriculture

A topic centered podcast that rolls right into the

details on tools, tips and techniques

that improve you, your farm, and our world.


The Ag Engineering Podcast was launched in 2019 with the support of a funded Northeast SARE Grant and was designed to produce “short format” easy to digest topic centered episodes.

Episodes feature just enough back story to set the stage, then goes into the details about specific practices that can really improve the sustainability on your farm.

Each interview include specific tools, tips, techniques, practices, and reasonings about what works for them.

This podcast “series” concluded in the summer of 2022 with a total of 76 episodes.


The Ag Engineering Podcast Concludes. EP77

In this episode, we wrap up the series of The Ag Engineering Podcast, reflect on its growth and introduce what the future of the podcast is going to look like.

Buying A Farm When FSA Loans or Family isn’t an Option: EP74

The Ag Engineering podcast is a conversation with small scale fruit and vegetable farmers to discuss tools, tips or techniques to improve the sustainability of your farm. In this episode, we visit with Eli Hersh of Honey Field Farm who shares his experience purchasing this farm, and the challenges faced…


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Quotes that inspired this podcast

We don’t need to recreate the wheel, we just need to share that the wheel exists

Kyle Doda, 1000 Stone Farm

Bed prep, weed control, irrigation practices, fertilizing schemes – All practices I’d like to know more about

Silas Doyle-Burr, Last Resort Farm

Choosing a topic and just covering that. I think that’s a cool angle to come at it from

Jake Mendell, Footprint Farm

Visit the Agricultural Engineering Website for content rich resources for vegetables farms


This podcast is supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program under sub-award number ONE-19331 (Northeast SARE). NESARE provides grants and education to advance innovation in sustainable agriculture. This work is also supported by The University of Vermont Extension whose programs Cultivate Healthy Communities by providing and facilitating research, education and outreach with our partners for the people of Vermont.