Justin Rich – Burnt Rock Farm: EP2

In this episode we’re visiting with Justin Rich of Burnt Rock Farm where they grow 30 acres of vegetables in Huntington Vermont. 

This farm visit starts off quickly – literally. Since most of the fields at the home farm are in cover crop this season we jumped on the side by side for a stretched out field tour. After seeing fields of storage crops including onions, potatoes and sweet corn we hop out of the truck and step into the barn where I asked Justin about how he got into farming, what fulfills him in this career and advice he’d give for those just starting out. He describes how he’s structured the business to his personality, and to align with his goals of the farm. We wrap up the episode with a walk past some field equipment and get a tour of the greenhouses that are all a part of wholesaling over 30 acres of vegetables. 

Burn Rock Farm:



Photos from the visit

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