Figuring out How to Live a Sustainable Farm Life: EP50

The Ag Engineering podcast is a conversation with small scale fruit and vegetable farmers to discuss tools, tips or techniques to improve the sustainability of your farm. In this episode, we visit with Patrick Sullivan of Ananda Gardens (  to talk about what sustainable farming means to him and how he strives to achieve it in multiple ways.

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2:20 What does sustainable farming mean?
10:35 Recipes for a healthy lifestyle
15:17 Podcasts & Book & YouTube Channel recommendations
21:16 What topics do you want to know more about?
– A better link for VT Farmers (Forum)
– Long term farm sustainability
– Long term financial stability
– Farmer health
23:26 What are you looking forward to in 2021?
25:37 How has your farm changed from the original dream?
29:37 10yr outlook for the farm

Recommended Podcasts from Patrick

The Ag Engineering Podcast – THIS ONE!
The Thriving Farmer
No-Till Market Garden Podcast
Regenerative Ag Podcast
Farmer to Farmer
In Search of Soil
The Growing Debate

Recommended Books

No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture by Brian O’Hara
The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution by Andrew Mefford
The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman
For the Love of the Soil by Nicole Masters
The Call of the Reed Warbler by Charles Massey

Recommended YouTube Channels

Ridgedale Permaculture
Dutch farmer Moreno
Josh Sattin

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