Stories from Small Axe Farm: EP29

The Ag Engineering podcast is a conversation with small scale fruit and vegetable farmers to discuss tools, tips or techniques to improve the sustainability of your farm. In this episode, we visit with Evan Perkins and Heidi Choate of Small Axe Farm ( to share some stories from their farming experience.

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Show Notes/Chapters

1:50 When did you feel most successful farming?

4:57 A story of challenge – Lots of physical work

9:22 Key factors that make farming sustainable for you.

11:55 How do you take time off mid season?

16:16 How to learn from others without internet?

18:43 What are you doing while listening to podcasts?

20:06 What are you looking forward to this next season?

  • Quick books
  • Packshed improvements
  • Efficiencies, like wheels

22:58 What other topics are you looking to know more about? 

  • Farm software like Harvie, Localine, barn2door,

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One response to “Stories from Small Axe Farm: EP29”

  1. Good to hear the summary of farm stats at the beginning of the episode. As your guests pointed out there are a lot of factors making each farm unique and hard to boil them down to just a few stats but it does help to hear them. On the topic of reporting gross and what other numbers might be helpful to add to that I’ve been trying to get more folks to think about the net dollars generated per labor hour. I’ve been reporting these for my own farms for a number of years, primarily for myself, but sharing publicly. Last year’s numbers are here – – If you could get your guests to give you estimates of the base numbers for making this calculation I think that would be a great one to add, and more meaningful across scales and market types.

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