Plastic Tarp Usage – Techniques and Tips: EP27

The Ag Engineering podcast is a conversation with small scale fruit and vegetable farmers to discuss tools, tips or techniques to improve the sustainability of your farm.  In this episode, we visit with Evan Perkins of Small Axe Farm ( to talk about how they use plastic sheet material (silage tarps and greenhouse plastic) on their no-till, hillside farm.

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Show Notes/Chapters

1:58 How do you use tarps?

4:15 Using tarps for germination

6:41 Timing for germination techniques

10:52 Using tarps to kill (both black and clear)

  • Clear greenhouse plastic works quickly (just a day or two)
  • Follows with flame weeding

13:12 Expiration and durability of silage tarps

14:51 Storage of tarps

15:46 Ways we hold the tarps down – Sandbags

20:05 Tarping is a profit increasing practice

22:17 Adoption of this practice

24:07 Downsides of using tarps

“If somethings too much of a pain and causing you that much stress just find another way.”

Evan Perkins

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