Finding Market Streams in Rural Vermont: EP22

The Ag Engineering podcast is a conversation with small scale fruit and vegetable farmers to discuss tools, tips or techniques to improve the sustainability of your farm. In this episode, we visit with Evan Perkins and Heidi Choate of Small Axe Farm ( to talk about how they built up their customers and markets on their no-till, hillside farm.

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Show Notes/Chapters

1:50 How did you get started selling vegetables?

“We had a wheelbarrow, a rake, and a 5 gallon bucket.”

Evan Perkins

8:35 You don’t need a perfect plot of land to farm

10:17 Selling produce in a competitive marketplace

14:35 Product offerings

16:34 Branding to make a difference

17:04 Plastic bags

20:17 Putting in the effort to support small orders

22:16 Where do you find your motivation?

  • Necessity 
  • Adding a label tripled their sales right away
  • Creative branding eg: “Snacking Cukes”
  • Trial and error

“We are more path people than goal people” 

Evan Perkins




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