Stories of Success and Challenge at Last Resort Farm: EP13

The Ag Engineering podcasts shares a conversation with small scale fruit and vegetable farmers to discuss tools, tips or techniques to improve the sustainability of your farm. This episode chats with Silas Doyle-Burr of Last Resort Farm ( about a time when he felt both successful and challenged farming.

Show Notes/Chapters

2:33 When does farming make you feel successful?
“Pick your own strawberries make it all worthwhile”
3:44 Challenges in farming? The Weather
6:51 Favorite forms or learning

  • Parents
  • Podcasts
  • Farmers
  • Social Media
    8:07 Looking to learn more about reducing labor costs
    9:40 H2A Experiences
    13:15 What do you want to know more about? Farm management systems
    14:33 What are you excited about? Being a better, leaner, farmer
    15:46 What are you doing while listening?
    – Tractor work & physical labor
    – Doing the dishes


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